Undergraduate subject areas

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At the International Study Centre, we work closely with the University of Aberdeen to provide a well-rounded educational experience, preparing international students for undergraduate study. Our undergraduate pathway programmes are designed to develop your subject knowledge, English language abilities and study skills.

The core of our subject pathways remains the same: helping you to build the skills for academic success. But to personalise the pathway for your chosen degree, we offer our routes to undergraduate study in a variety of subjects.

Subject options


Business is one of the most international subjects you can study and will help you to become a global citizen of the world. With a high earning potential and the opportunity to learn transferable skills, a degree in business is a great way to broaden your horizons. A wide and varied subject area, we offer a range of subject pathways so you can progress to your specialism.

Computing Science

Design, secure and build our digital future with a computing science degree. The skills you'll learn at the International Study Centre and the University of Aberdeen will provide you with the knowledge needed to secure and excel in roles at exciting businesses.


There are many different areas of engineering you can study based on your interests and career goals. By building your foundations in general engineering before finding your specialism, you can gain the skills to work with engineers across all disciplines. Engineering students at Aberdeen benefit from the four-year degree system, meaning you don't have to choose your engineering specialism until after the second year of your degree.

Humanities & Social Science

Learn more about the world through history, language and culture whilst building many transferable skills to help you throughout life. Students of these subjects can master research, problem-solving and critical and creative thinking.


Studying law can not only lead to a career as a lawyer, but to a variety of other exciting job opportunities, as the subject gives you the chance to develop transferable skills in a range of areas. At Aberdeen, you will have the unique international opportunity to study both Scottish and English law.


Medicine is as much about the study of people as it is about science. As a medical student, you will have the opportunity to meet and work with people from all different aspects of life. A degree in medicine is a exciting first step to a career as a doctor, surgeon, or another healthcare profession.


Discover more about the world through a scientific lens - ranging from everything from chemistry to physics and astronomy to geology. Science students can gain the skills to change the world, contributing to the development of many important aspects of science and health.