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Undergraduate study

Your undergraduate degree at Aberdeen

Studying your undergraduate degree at the University of Aberdeen offers an immersive learning environment perfect for international students. Following the four-year degree Scottish system, you will have plenty of time to get to know the subject you love.

Undergraduate degrees at Aberdeen are all about choice. There may be many different subject areas you want to pursue before you find your passion, so programmes at the University offer a flexible approach to your studies. You can experiment with different subjects or create a unique learning experience of your own by swapping your subjects to find the perfect fit for you.

Outside of the classroom, you’ll be a part of a supportive and welcoming international community, helping you to make the most out of life in Scotland. Here you can make friends, meet staff and join clubs and societies to create a well-rounded undergraduate study experience.

Starting your journey at the International Study Centre

We offer a variety of pathway programmes to undergraduate study at the University of Aberdeen. Depending on your interests, academic background and age, we have a variety of routes for you to choose from. Our pathway programmes combine subject-specific modules with English language lessons and courses on how to improve your study skills, allowing you to progress to your degree with the skills to succeed.