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Pre-Masters in Business & Law

Develop your research and analysis skills, focusing on the areas that you’re most passionate about, and prepare for continuing success in your professional career.

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Your pathway to a Masters recognised by industry

Aberdeen as a city has many links to local and global businesses, with many of the University’s Masters degrees recognised by leading industry bodies, such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Chartered Management Institute and the Law of Society of Scotland.

What will I study?

The Pre-Masters Programme at the International Study Centre is specially designed to help international students like you transition to postgraduate study in the UK. Over a fast-track twelve-week programme, you will study a mix of core modules and subject-specific classes in your chosen subject route to fully prepare you for your chosen progression degree.


This module covers:

  • Financial statements analysis, preparations and decision making
  • Merits, limitations, and practical applications of various financial decision-making techniques
  • Risk and return in relation to a variety of financial securities
  • Classification and recording of financial data in the relevant accounts
  • Finance-specific calculations using Microsoft Excel

This module covers:

  • introduction to economics
  • demand focusing on consumer choice
  • supply and the costs of firms
  • market equilibrium
  • market structure
  • the importance of competition
  • monopolies and strategic interactions

This module covers:

  • legal topics and associated economic, moral and ethical arguments
  • understanding what the law can and cannot do
  • regulation and citizens
  • regulation and commerce

This module covers:

  • law of property and obligations
  • law of contract
  • contract in comparative context

This module covers:

  • HRM
  • marketing
  • business strategy
  • operation management
  • entrepreneurship

This module covers:

  • introduction to the English and Scottish legal systems
  • domestic sources of law
  • legal reasoning
  • international sources of law;
  • the courts and tribunals in England, Wales and Scotland
  • introduction to the criminal justice system
  • introduction to the civil justice system, civil litigation and ADR

This module covers:

  • differentiation
  • unconstrained optimisation
  • partial differentiation and total differentials
  • confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.
  • brief introduction to integration
  • probability and random variables
  • the nature of econometrics and economic data

Combined visa*

Save time and money, and experience a seamless transition to postgraduate success by studying our Pre-Masters Programme and your university degree with one visa.

Doing this means you will benefit from the following:

  • Alternatives to Academic IELTS for UKVI can be used to join the Pre-Masters Programme.
  • You can work for up to 20 hours per week while in the UK, so you can enhance your CV and graduate prospects during your studies.
  • You do not need an additional IELTS test before joining your postgraduate degree.
  • There is no need to return home to apply for a new visa between your Pre-Masters Programme and chosen postgraduate degree at the University of Aberdeen.
  • You will have the opportunity to travel and explore the UK between courses.

The combined visa is suitable for students who have previously studied academic subjects in the UK.

*If you are unable to make the July deadline to have a combined visa, you still have opportunity to join our Pre-Masters this September on a Study Group CAS if you're ready by 4th August. For more information, please visit our pre-arrival page.

Key facts

  •  Programme length: 12 weeks (1 term)
  •  Age on entry: 20+

 Start date:

    • May (to start your degree in September)
    • September (to start your degree in January)

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Need to improve your IELTS?

We offer an additional Online English language programme which is designed to raise your IELTS to the required level.

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Why a Masters in Business?

Lea from Namibia thought that coming to the UK to study a Masters degree in Business would help her grow both professionally and personally.

A student in front of a modern building on campus.

I think the law is maybe seen as a philosophical subject to study. However, here at the University of Aberdeen, law really is a technical subject. So you apply your logic, you apply reason, and try to interpret laws that will affect real lives. I think that law, no one can neglect its influence, its impact in society. Also, it's a skill set that is transferable.

Noureddine from Algeria
Studied Pre-Masters Programme
Progressed to LLM International
Trade Law and Treaty Negotiation with Professional Skills

Progress to your degree

Depending on your subject route, you can progress to a variety of degree types. Your career goals and personal interests will determine which degree you study, but it could be anything from an MBA, a MSc, or an LLM. Some Masters degrees are available for a September or January start, and some for September start only.

By successfully completing your Pre-Masters Programme and achieving the required grades, you can progress to one of the following degrees:

Degree Programme NameAwardOverall GradeEnglish GradeGrade Module
No Results

The following degrees are available for the May Pre-Masters intake for progression in September to the University only:

  • Finance and Real Estate MScEcon
  • MBA Finance
  • Petroleum, Energy Economics and Finance MScEcon

Two years post-degree work experience required

  • Business Analytics MBA