Benefits of studying business management

07 April 2021
A business student studying at the University of Aberdeen International Study Centre

Business management degree courses are among the most popular. They are widely regarded as great educational starting points for both entrepreneurs and up-and-coming business leaders.

Business and management studies includes the planning, supervision and analysis of a company’s activities. Completing a degree in business management will teach you what makes an organisation successful in an increasingly saturated global environment. It’ll also provide you with the skills and knowledge to work for businesses of any size, from start-ups to multinational companies. There are many benefits to studying business management – read on to discover some of the best.

6 reasons to study a business management degree at university

1. Gain key business skills

The skills you will learn on your business management degree are transferable. They will be useful in a variety of different roles, in practically any kind of business. Some of these essential skills include strategic thinking, communication, problem-solving, organisation, presenting, reporting, leadership, and project management. These skills will equip you to respond efficiently to challenges in both the business world and society.

2. Exciting career prospects

There are many career opportunities in business management. The versatility of the degree means that wherever there is business, managers will always be needed. Every commerce sector has managerial roles, from large international brands to small local businesses. Graduating with a business management degree will qualify you to apply for the roles that fit your interests. Students that graduate university with a business management degree have a desirable skill set in addition to strong corporate knowledge - these assets are greatly sought after by employers. As you progress through your degree, you can choose to specialise in an area that interests you, such as:

  • Human resource management 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Consultancy
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • General finance.

You can expect good salaries that vary depending on what career you pursue. The average salary for a marketing executive is £26,000, but as a human resources manager, you could earn £35,000 ( as of March 4th 2021).</p

3. Dynamic and flexible course

As career options vary significantly in comparison to other degrees, business and management studies courses are adaptable. You will study a broad overview of the subject and, if you want to, you can narrow your studies according to your interests as you progress through the degree. If you’ve not yet decided on your future career path, a business management degree can also be an excellent choice.

4. Gain the skills and knowledge to start your own business

If you don’t want to enter the corporate world upon graduation, a business management degree provides equally powerful tools for entrepreneurs. If you aspire to start your own business, this qualification is a perfect first step. You’ll learn negotiation and communication skills, which will help when on-boarding new clientele, scheduling meetings with other business owners, and developing a strategy for your own company’s success. Financial literacy education will help you to manage your billing, invoices, and budget for a given economic quarter. A strong working knowledge of up-to-date technology will also help you. Whatever form your future business may take, marketing is important – a business management degree will also give you a sound education in this realm.

5. Networking opportunities

Attending university while pursuing a business management degree offers plenty of opportunities for networking, from classmates to potential employers. Fellow students can exchange ideas with one another and make connections. Additionally, many universities host regular career fairs in which graduating students or recent alumni can visit to meet recruiters looking to fill job roles.

6. Combine your interests

A business management degree will allow you to combine your interests, whether that be marketing, people, sales or technology. Consultants, for example, combine their analytical skills and business expertise in order to provide advice to other companies. If, on the other hand, you’re fascinated by the world of business but are also a tropical fish enthusiast, you could work towards obtaining a management position for a pet fish corporation.

Why study business management at Aberdeen?

Studying business management at The University of Aberdeen will allow you to learn at one of the United Kingdom’s seven ‘ancient universities’. Aberdeen was established in 1495 and combines a long and prestigious history with world-class facilities, making it a popular choice for international students. Some reasons that make The University of Aberdeen such a great study destination include: 

  • A top 15 UK University for Business and Management – ranked 11th in the most recent major league tables (The Complete University Guide 2021).
  • Enterprise campus - a joint initiative between the University of Aberdeen and other Scottish universities to support postgraduate students who want to set up their own business.
  • A course that perfectly balances theory and practical work.
  • The University of Aberdeen enjoys strong links with local and global businesses thanks to Aberdeen being the main European centre for the oil and gas industry - International accountancy firms, multinational companies and financial services all have offices in the city.
  • You will have access to professional training facilities, such as the Bloomberg finance lab – which is used by major international financial services companies. There is also the award-winning Sir Duncan Rice Library, with its state-of-the-art technology and study facilities.

How to study business management in Scotland?

The University of Aberdeen International Study Centre will introduce you to the University’s learning culture, help you adjust to the Scottish education system, develop your English language and subject knowledge and support you as you settle into life in the UK. Depending on your level of study, you can choose from a range of programmes.

Kickstart your career

The Undergraduate Foundation Programme in Business, Economics, Accounting & Real Estate will prepare you for an undergraduate degree study in a business-related subject at Aberdeen. Our three-term course is equivalent to the first year of your undergraduate degree, you will progress to the second year of your degree upon achieving the required grades.

Jumpstart your success

The International Year Two offers a fast-track to completing your business degree if you have already achieved a higher level of academic achievement in your home country. You will start your studies in the second year of the programme, enabling you to graduate in just three years. Your first year will be spent at the International Study Centre, which will prepare you for the final two years of your degree at the University.

Your pathway to a Masters recognised by industry

Our Pre-Masters Programme is designed to help international students transition to postgraduate study at the University of Aberdeen. A condensed twelve-week programme is comprised of core modules and subject-specific classes in your chosen field, to prepare you for your progression degree.