Pre-Masters in Science & Engineering

Whether you’re excited about engineering or crazy about computer science, this pathway helps you to develop your research and analysis skills, focusing on the areas that you’re most passionate about, preparing you for success in your future career.

Key facts
  • Programme length: 12 weeks (1 term)
  • Age on entry: 20+
  • Start date:
    • May (to start your degree in September)
    • September (to start your degree in January)
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Entry requirements

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Experience world-class teaching and research

Studying science at the University of Aberdeen and get involved with an innovative learning culture. University staff have won national awards for their work, ensuring you learn from figures at the forefront of industry. The city of Aberdeen itself is known as the Energy Capital of Europe, with the University offering degrees grounded in world-class research.

What will I study?

Our accelerated, twelve-week Pre-Masters Programme offers you specially designed modules around your chosen subject route to help you prepare for postgraduate study at the University of Aberdeen. Taught in the same style as the University, you will also study core modules designed to improve your English and mathematical skills.


  • Advanced Engineering Methods

    This module covers:

    • calculus
    • laplace transform
    • solution of ODEs
    • fourier transform
    • numerical differentiation and solution of ordinary differential equations
    • Runge-Kutta methods
    • vector calculus
    • integration
    • partial differential equations
  • Computational Maths

    This module covers:

    • introduction to computational mathematics
    • solving systems of linear equations
    • interpolation
    • locating roots of equations
    • least squares problems
    • numerical integration
    • numerical differentiation and solution of ordinary differential equations
  • Introduction to Mathematical Analysis

    This module covers:

    • logic and proof
    • sets and functions
    • the real numbers
    • sequences
    • limits and continuity
    • differentiation
    • integration
    • infinite series
  • Quantitative Skills for Engineering and Science

    This module covers:

    • basic mathematical procedures
    • introduction to MATLAB software
    • non-linear axes on graphs
    • introduction to computational mathematics
    • basic probability
    • basic logic
    • design of experiments
    • matrix solution of equations
    • eigenvalues and eigenvectors
    • optimisation of functions of several variables
  • Research Methods in Geoscience

    This module covers:

    • introduction to scientific method
    • formulating a question
    • qualitative and quantitative research
    • introduction to GIS
    • descriptive research covariance
    • research variables
    • establishing cause and effect
    • sampling
    • typical experimental designs
    • presentation of findings
  • Research Project in Science & Engineering

    This module covers:

    • selecting a case study/specific area of research
    • the importance of collecting data
    • use of appropriate models and concepts
    • critical analysis
A Masters student in the engineering lab at the University of Aberdeen

I studied Petroleum Engineering for my undergraduate degree at Aberdeen and now I’ve started a Masters in International Business Management at Aberdeen as well. I think the University has a lot of good advice for my career plan, that's why I came back for my Masters degree.

Bella from China
Studying MSc International Business Management

Progress to your degree

Once you have completed your Pre-Masters Programme in Science & Engineering, you will be able to progress to the one-year taught Masters degree of your choice. Some Masters degrees are available for a September or January start, and some for September start only.


Please note:

Students must complete a form at application and gain approval from ATAS for the following programmes:

  • MSc Petroleum Engineering,
  • MSc Subsea Engineering,
  • MSc Data Science
  • The following degrees are available for September start only:
    • Artificial Intelligence MSc
    • Bioarchaeological Science MSc
    • Biomolecular Archaeology MSc
    • Data Science MSc
    • Decommissioning MSc
    • Integrated Petroleum Geoscience MSc

    All other degrees are available for September or January start.

Application information

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