International Study Centre

Make yourself at home

Living in student accommodation will help you settle in and meet people from the start of your university journey. Studying abroad is more than what you learn in the classroom and our accommodation options are here to be your base as you discover what Aberdeen has to offer.

Two students in a shared accommodation space.

Settle in to life in Aberdeen

All our accommodation options are perfectly located and surrounded by everything you will need whilst studying in Aberdeen. You can reach the town centre, University, and the International Study Centre by either a short walk, or by frequent bus services. All packages include unlimited Wi-Fi, on-site maintenance, parking, and all bills.

Everything you need to know about Student Roost accommodation

Students can experience the best of student living in studio or ensuite student accommodation at Pittodrie Street or Mealmarket Exchange. These accommodation options are perfectly located and surrounded by everything you will need whilst studying in Aberdeen.

Pittodrie Street

Accommodation typeTenancyTenancy length*Cost
Studio - BronzeSelf-contained bedroom, kitchen and bathroom; Your room - 17.29 - 38.46m²44 or 51-week tenancies availableFrom £205 per week
Studio - SilverSelf-contained bedroom, kitchen and bathroom51-week tenancyFrom £215 per week
Studio - GoldSelf-contained bedroom, kitchen and bathroom; Your room - 19.16 - 27.74m²51-week tenancyFrom £225 per week
Studio - PlatinumSelf-contained bedroom, kitchen and bathroom 51-week tenancyFrom £255 per week
Ensuite - BronzeCommunal kitchen and living space with 4-8 ensuite rooms per flat; Your room - 10.2-10.8m²41 or 51-week tenancies availableFrom £139 per week
Ensuite - SilverCommunal kitchen and living space with up to 9 ensuite rooms per flat; Your room - 11m²41 or 51-week tenancies availableFrom £149 per week
Ensuite - GoldCommunal kitchen with up to 6 en-suite rooms per flat; your room - 16.8 - 24.9m²51-week tenancyFrom £185 per week
Ensuite - PlatinumCommunal kitchen and living space with up to 6 ensuite rooms per flat51-week tenancyFrom £195 per week

Mealmarket Exchange

Accommodation typeTenancyTenancy length*Cost
EnsuiteCommunal kitchen and living space with up to 5 ensuite rooms per flat; Your room - 13.1m²40 or 51-week tenancies availableFrom £109 per week
StudioSelf-contained bedroom, kitchen and bathroom51-week tenancy From £189 per week

* Accommodation is subject to availability. The cost shown is intended as a guide only, and subject to change. The cost of your room will be confirmed in the tenancy agreement.

What's available in our accommodation?

  •  Games and entertainment
  •  Study space
  •  Secure gated free car park
  •  High speed Wi-Fi
  •  Contents insurance
  •  Laundry facilities
  •  Bike storage
  •  Staff on-site 24/7
  •  Parcel receipt service
  •  Social calendar
  •  Secure deposit
  •  ANUK accreditation

How to book

If you have requested accommodation, the Central Student Support team will contact you with the latest information on available options and fees.

When you’re making your booking, let us know if you’d like to consider any of the following options, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs

  • Limited Mobility Rooms Available
  • Female/Male Only
  • Group Bookings
  • Same Uni Year
  • Same Language
  • Specific Floor

Our Accommodation Commitment 

To provide assurance of accommodation availability, we have introduced an Accommodation Commitment.  So students can be sure of getting a room offer.

To be eligible for our Accommodation Commitment and secure a formal room offer, students need to complete the following simple steps:

Return your Acceptance Form to confirm your study offer, and make applicable payments, by 28th July 2023 (5pm UK time) to be eligible for a room offer and receive personalised instructions on how to apply.

You will then need to apply for their accommodation by 2nd of August 2023 (5pm UK time) using the instructions and process provided for their Centre. Students will then receive a formal room offer.

Once you have your room offer, you need to complete the application process within the specific time frames provided in order to secure your room.

We have good availability of accommodation for students starting programmes in September and October 2023. So if you miss these deadlines, accommodation may still be available, but please note it will be on a first-come-first served basis.

The Accommodation Commitment applies to courses starting in September and October 2023 only. Rooms are generally allocated on a first come first served basis however specific groups may be prioritised where appropriate, such as students with specific medical conditions or those aged under 18. Students under 18 years of age may be limited to specific accommodation types.

Arranging your own accommodation privately

If you are booking your own accommodation privately it is important that you let us know where you are staying and that you are living within a 60-minute commute of the International Study Centre.

Under 18s

If you are younger than 18 at the start of your programme, you will be required to live at one of our approved accommodations. You will be informed of which accommodation you need to book by the Central Student Support team.

Look out for fraud

Scammers may specifically target international students so it is important to be able to recognise common signs of fraudulent activity and know what to do if you come across it. Let us know at if you have any concerns about fraudulent activity when dealing with a private accommodation provider so that we can help to protect you and other international students in case they are targeted in the same way.